Red's Back (1st Swansea Regionals)

Algebraic 378

This deck was very much largely inspired from the Redbacks list Jesse Marshall, Chris Dyer, Dave Hoyland and Mark Mottram played at Worlds 2017. Thanks goes out to all them especially Dave and Mark who helped me adjust this list for the current meta.

PU is a natural choice for a struggling corp meta if you want to punish Zer0 rather than race against it. I much prefer this version of PU with an active kill plan rather than versions of the Comrades' list which is a much more grindy way to play. In particular it helps to have your kill hidden amongst the traps as this is a much safer place than holding kill in HQ at the moment.

The big saviour for this deck after both Obokata Protocol and Whompoa Reclamation went on the Restricted List has been Drudge Work. Sadly (but rightly) you can no longer bury your agendas at the bottom of R&D but getting paid to shuffle them instead is a nice consolation prize. This means you can free up some economy slots in your relatively cheap deck for more interesting cards. Originally I ran 3 Rashida Jaheem at Derby Regionals in an attempt to draw into traps and kill more quickly but talking to Dave and Mark this is a much better version. R&D is less porous and the thinking behind having 1 Rashida was to cause the Runner to think there may be more to find. Other minor changes was a current to turn off the ubiquitous Employee Strike if you can't fast advance plus a Genotyping to return Clan Vengeance'd goodies.

The deck beat Reg Val in it's own Swiss game thanks to a bye and two IDs. I've written about IDs on my blog about the maths and statistics of Netrunner and I'll add something else about Swansea in the upcoming days:

Find The Truth

My opponent ran a Psychic Field then had the unfortunate choice of a Ronin or Neural EMP kill. In the cut it beat Pirate Hayley going for a 0 in 3 chance on the advanced remotes then winning one, losing one against Apoc 419 which was more than it deserved on average in that match up.

30 Jul 2018 Steamwood

Seems like a fun deck to run! I've tried similar Mushin decks, but this has a ton more traps. Since you have such a small number of ICE to play, where do you usually end up putting them?

30 Jul 2018 Algebraic

@Steamwood ICE is purely for centrals; if the Runner is running remotes then you can potentially trick them into running traps. I tend to put a Kakugo on each of the three centrals if possible and Miraju on R&D to prevent Indexing. Everything else goes wherever it's needed to deter running.