Tetraphobia 2.0 - Italian King of Server 2018 Winner Team

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This is the direct successor of the Jinteki: Personal Evolution deck that i brought to the European Championship back in 2017, after the rotation and the Coreset 2.0 (https://netrunnerdb.com/en/decklist/43276/tetraphobia-39th-place-at-european-championship-2017).

I'm very proud of this deck, it is not strong like the previous, but it's quite funny and solid against the most common archetypes. It works in the same way as the original: it corrodes the runner's grip in various ways, and you can play it as a weapon against the grip, as a taxing glacier or in the same way of a Skorpios Defense Systems: Persuasive Power deck by removing from the heap with Ark Lockdown or Chronos Project the key breaker after an unexpected encounter with Archer or Tithonium ends, or maybe because of the second effect of Breached Dome. I've put in it a lot of cards against resources like the heinous critic and Caldera (those 2 cards are the true enemies!), in particular Prisec (replacing Hokusai Grid for the tagging effect), Voter Intimidation (a lot useful and very playable here, but only for the true psyker), Tithonium (Instead of the second copy of Archer) and Sadaka. This deck is very poor, you need to score Gila Hands Arcology early, and use wisely your Pop-up Window and the Medical Research Fundraiser!!!

This deck suffers most of all Shapers, because is very slow in winning by scoring agendas. Moreover, it suffers 419 (he taxes too much), Leela Patel (15 Agendas :S) and Sunny. Pretty good against all Anarchs and other Criminals. With it I went 3-2 during the italian KoS, along with Reina (https://netrunnerdb.com/en/deck/view/1150560, 4-1, best Anarch deck), and my team won the tournament!!! I lost against 419 and Sunny (yes, Nexus beats very hard :( ). I won against 2 Adam and 1 Maxx, two good match up.

Thanks for reading this and keep fearing the number 4!!!!

20 Oct 2018 HankCzinaski

I'm running a similar deck based on an old one by Willingdone, called "Zaps!". I'm running 3 x Stock Buy-Back for some additional economy and they work quite well.

12 Nov 2018 Icon

Hi Hank, thanks for the advice! In the past, I tought to include Stock Buy-Back in this deck, but due to influence shortage and the fact that this card is terminal, I abandoned the idea. Terminal economic cards, for me, are not so flexible, because maybe you need the money before the turn ends... but naturally that's my point of view, my way to play: with a lot of agendas this card can be great!! ;)