RvdH’s Modernism (7-1, 2nd @ Dutch Nationals)

RvdH83 603

This is the deck I took to get second place at Dutch nats (3rd after swiss). The deck performed really well, only dropping a game in the finals, although some others were pretty close.


I just like having decks that have multiple outs and Argus just fits that bill pretty well. It usually goes fast, and can win by scoring out or kill if you force runners into running your final agenda points.

Border Control wasn't legal for this tournament. I would probably drop a Hortum for it. I can see another ice go as well for a second copy. Data Raven and Mausolus are probably the best ice in the deck. Notable include in this build is Meru Mati which did great work during the day. You also really want another Economic Warfare, but slots are tight. Dropping an IPO for it may be right.

I had great fun during the day. Shout-out to the Enschede-meta! Really too bad so many of you just missed the cut. But thanks for rooting me both live, in the car and at home.

21 Oct 2018 Wausser

Gotta love missing the cut on SOS of 0.18 or soemthing like that :(

Nicely played, that were some very tense games!

22 Oct 2018 Jakuza

Home front was rooting hard for you (all of us really). I'm sad I missed the cut too, but I was cleaning the guinea pig cage anyhow.