Only Good Bioroids (2.0 version of my 3rd place GNK deck)

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For a long time I wanted this ID to be competitive and recently, after the last MWL erased Cerebral Imaging, I felt it was the right time to work on it to demonstrate its power and that Haas-Bioroid is still alive and well. I think as a concept the ID always had a lot of potential and during a game can easily save you dozens of credits.

Notoriously it had some problems: Employee Strike; agenda density, considering the weak spot of bioroids (being broken with clicks); a lot of bioroids are just garbage; Aumakua plus Datasucker are painful.

Those are the reasons that brought me to these choices:

1) ONLY GOOD BIOROIDS: don't be greedy, don't abuse of your ability because if you confide only on it you'll find yourself short of credits or porous with ice too easy to pass (like Najja 1.0). So i chose the Fairchilds, Ichi 1.0 (the 2.0 is not so convenient anymore), Loki that's simply great and Ravana 1.0 that has a high strength considering the rez cost.

2) 7 agendas: low agenda density, 3x Ikawah Project that are harder to steal and 3x SSL Endorsement that are good both stolen or scored. Project Vitruvius as the 7th agenda that you can bluff in the remote and it's also easier to score with MCA Austerity Policy.

3) 4 currents: Employee Strike is not so bad for this build but, still, it's very annoying. Enhanced Login Protocol and MCA Austerity Policy are perfect together to compress the runner's turn, slowing him/her down and preventing the runner to use clicks for breaking, thereby enhancing the taxing power of our bioroids. 1x Scarcity of Resources simply because it's always taxing and effective (in the worst case it's 1 credit to trash Employee Strike).

4) IP Block: taxing ice, low rez cost, best turtle hate ice.

5) Bio Vault: I really really really started hating, recently, to lose games because of one or more unlucky psi games. Besides it costs less influence than Batty, you can bluff it as an agenda on the remote (opening scoring windows) and, most of all, it can stop any run in any server at any time.

6) Helheim Servers: a good "surprise!" card, it destroys math. It could also be a Cyberdex Virus Suite.

The rest is pretty much usual glacier stuff. Surveyor is great and Mirāju for me is a must in any glacier deck to solve flood problems or to defend R&D against Indexing, Find the Truth, Globalsec Security Clearance, Insight, etc.

In the end, my face after having finally built a great AoT deck: giphy.gif

31 Oct 2018 teleworm

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