ID Crisis: Small, Angry Sunny

themeanlady 309

This is one of the decks I brought to our "annual" ID Crisis event. The rules of Identity Crisis are simple: Build a legal deck, and then swap your ID with any other currently legal ID from the same side (no switching a runner ID for a corp ID etc). It is a casual, fun, and absolutely crazy format that has truly revitalized our meta in Colorado. If you haven't tried it before, I highly recommend it. Titan is not banned, this is our 3rd time running the tournament and it has never won it before, even when 3 astros were legal. Yikes!

This deck was played with Sunny as the ID (NRDB won't let me publish the super illegal deck with Sunny). Turns out there's a reason a 2 link ID has a 50 card deck size restriction... Very straightforward, enjoy the ridiculous access to drip and all the dumb draw cards. Bully them with BP, bully them with protesters, and multi-access to win. It's stupid fun.

Deck went 3-1 on the day, being my only loss. It was a close game, at least!

View the full stream of the tournament here: