ID Crisis: All The Money Without the BP

themeanlady 309

This is one of the decks I brought to our "annual" ID Crisis event. The rules of Identity Crisis are simple: Build a legal deck, and then swap your ID with any other currently legal ID from the same side (no switching a runner ID for a corp ID etc). It is a casual, fun, and absolutely crazy format that has truly revitalized our meta in Colorado. If you haven't tried it before, I highly recommend it. Titan is not banned, this is our 3rd time running the tournament and it has never won it before, even when 3 astros were legal. Yikes!

This deck was played with Azmari Edtech as the ID (nrdb won't let me publish the super illegal version with that ID, sad!). It's pretty much the Outfit without all the BP and way more money. It's pretty busted.

Deck went 4-0, one score out and the rest kills. Just as god intended.

View the full stream of the tournament here:

6 Nov 2018 Saan

I love that you could have just run 3 HHNs, and instead were like "Nah, Chiyashi tho." What a great format! I've know said it like 19 times now, but it was great watching it.