Pink Palana (1st in a game vs my mate Dave at his house)

Hieronymus 40

There’s nothing big or clever about this deck, kill or score, either way the runner will need to make some choices!

Basic gameplan is to put the small ice on centrals, let the agendas protect themselves. Big ice on the remotes and Snares! in HQ, slam everything in the remote and make them run it as much as possible. The hostiles are more annoying than used to ping cards, the runner will generally trash them, which is a good way to drain abit of time and cash. As I said, nothing complicated!

If you want to pop down the Personalised Portal to make some cash and force your opponent to overdraw it’s always fun, especially when you need the credits to rez all the big ice.

Anansi is a beast, especially if you opponent is running the conspiracy breakers. Again, nothing complicated here!

It can get very grindy for the runner. My mate Dave hates it. Hopefully so will your mates.

Always be running :)

7 Nov 2018 BlackCherries

Wow that's a lot of x1's!

Is there a reason why you don't prefer the consistency?

8 Nov 2018 fancywookiee

Liked and Fave'd for deckname alone.

8 Nov 2018 Hieronymus

@BlackCherries Simple answer is I’m not a great Netrunner player, I always prefer putting stuff I haven’t used before or random cards to try them out. I get an idea and ram a load of cards in and then have to wildly cut cards! Hence the 1 ofs!

To be honest I did have 3 ofs in here but ended up not finding them too useful, Warroid Tracker in particular!

That said this deck is great fun and it does have some consistency in that it generally pushes the runner close. I like to make slightly unpredictable decks, even if they’re rubbish! :)

8 Nov 2018 Hieronymus

@fancywookieecheers! Its true, Dave does hate it.....