Amoral Trading from the Citadel

byjarke 151

I've been having a lot of fun and great results with this deck, so I decided to publish. I am a Sunny player and have been using her and her White Hat for a long time now, but she's very slow to set up. Here's where the Amoral Scammer comes in handy, because he's a perfect candidate to slow the corp down at the beginning, and can potentially have a strong end game (not as juggernaut-y as Sunny but still).

Card choice Rogue Trading + Citadel Sanctuary: that's your economy machine. Not uncommon to have them both in hand at the beginning and have the perfect opening. Mulligan for citadel, the MVP of the deck. Downside is if the corp gets hyper rich from the beginning, but don't worry, once your Nexus and PowerTaps are out... it's going to be difficult to keep pace with you while poking at every server for ice rez.

No One Home: It not only is more Yellow hate (HHN) and a red lifesaver (Snare! you said? makes me earn a lot of money!), it works for other things like giving you money avoiding those Surveyor tags. Excellent with the tapz. Very versatile!

PadTap: I'm waiting for Crodfunding to see if it works better, but they're 0 to install, make some corps burn 3creds just to try to slow you down (and realize too late they really needed those 3creds later on)... and zero to install.

Hijacked Router: last addition to the deck, makes asset spam cry but even if not it's powerful (those 3archives creds have given me agendas!). Together with Corporate Grant and 419's ID, Diversion of funds (and Amina)... bye corp creds!

Credit Kiting: I was pondering if I wanted to update to Hot Pursuit but having Amina and Nexus, this card can be used running into Archives, so I'm keeping it. I have used it to install Earthrise Hotel too, and then Citadel the tag away (earning 3 creds maybe).

Let me know what you think!

8 Nov 2018 esutter479

Love it, man! Now if I could only figure out something similar with our 'ol buddy, Ed Kim... :)

8 Nov 2018 byjarke

@esutter479 problem is that Kim needs to import Security Nexus as well as the Power Taps... and that's a lot of inf... I like new criminal toys better than anarch, I'm not an orange player like you! ;)

8 Nov 2018 byjarke

also, Hijacked Router has given me so many moments of glory... I'm sure you like that anarch flavour ;)

24 Jan 2019 byjarke

I finally removed Hijacked Router for two Mining Accidents and I think works better!