Zemletrus Netrunner Box Decklist: Kabonesa Wu, Origami Queen

Zemletrus 23

Android: Netrunner has ended but my love of the game hasn't diminished. Instead of selling off my collection, I have decided to treat Android: Netrunner as a "finished" board game. I've created a "Game Box" where you can just pick up a pre-constructed deck and play without having to worry about building a deck out of the gigantic available card pool.

I made a few personal rules for building the decks:

1.) The entire card pool is available to use. I have at least 1 copy of all Fantasy Flight Games released Data Packs and Expansion boxes, however I don't infinite amounts of each card. For example, I only have 1 play set of Rashida Jaheem, even though I'd probably want to put her in more than one deck, she can only be in one deck..

2.) All versions of the Most Wanted List are ignored when it comes to deck building restrictions. I know certain cards like Cerebral Imaging: Infinite Frontiers and Faust are absolutely insane when left unchecked but I have some self control to not abuse them being available for deck building.

3.) No more than 3 different decks can have the same cards (ignoring Sure Gamble / Hedge Fund in this calculation). For example, Dirty Laundry only shows up in 3 of the 8 Runner decks and Archived Memories only shows up in 2 of the 8 Corporation decks.

4) Each deck can't have more than 10 cards that overlap with one another (ignoring Sure Gamble / Hedge Fund in this calculation). For example, the Adam: Compulsive Hacker and Sunny Lebeau: Security Specialist decks could have had playsets of Same Old Thing, Daily Casts and Earthrise Hotel as they have very few in-faction cards to chose from. This rule prevents the decks from playing the same lines or looking too similar on paper.

With the rules set, let's talk about my Kabonesa Wu: Netspace Thrillseeker deck.

This is my take on Bakaru's deck, The Art of Folding. I find the LLDS Memory Diamond and Cyberdelia's extra memory is helpful because of the interaction between Ekomind and Levy AR Lab Access.

Potential Changes: Removing 1 copy of Ekomind for either another copy of Cyberdelia and LLDS Memory Diamond as you only really need 1 Ekomind to make the deck's main game plan work.