4 player Graveyard Cube - Corp (Core 2019)

5N00P1 269

This is a graveyard cube based on the fact that Terminal Directive is rotated and some cards from Spin & Genesis where rescued for Core 2019 and assuming you have access to 2x original Core.

Link to Runner Cube

Corp Starter


  • 35-39 cards: 16-17 agenda points
  • 30-34 cards: 14-15 agenda points
  • Play to 6 points

It's based on

  • https://netrunnerdb.com/en/decklist/47624/the-4-player-graveyard-cube-corp



Happy to receive feedback.

The updated Corp Cube

19 Dec 2018 5N00P1

Tsurugi is still in the list, which is a mistake! I've updated the liste and made the following changes:

—3 Rex Campaign, -3 Tsurugi,
+3 Illegal Arms Factory, +3 Colossus

The updated Corp Cube