Schuimbol RP (1st Enschede NYE Runner)

Jakuza 109

A new year, a new meta, but I'm back to my horizontal ways. This spiky/tempo RP build won me a small local NYE tournament. Caveats: It was only a 7 person tournament and most of the Corp games went to time as the accompanying runner deck was slow as molasses. Still, satisfied with how the deck performed. Not the best deck for this meta, but it's a play style I highly enjoy ;).

If things go your way (you're on the right):


The base plan here is quite basic and will be very familiar to any fan of horizontal RP; make centrals spiky as soon as possible to make it taxing to trash your assets, stabilize your econ that way and then just out tempo the runner. Easier said than done in today's meta, as Employee Strike ruins your day and Crowdfunding is everywhere; a card that allows the runner to easily keep up. Still, if you expect a lower number of ES Crim in your meta, this might be a fun choice, but pick at your own peril.

Card choices worth highlighting:
- Viral Weaponization: Probably the card that makes the entire deck hum. It allows you to actively attack the runner whilst building your own board. Tricky to score if they know what you're up to. The tempo hit is huge, especially if you can set up an Obokata to follow up.
- Breached Dome: Unexpected and very useful in this meta. It allows you to make Archives an unwelcoming place for farming and lets you keep more ice to shore up your other centrals/build your remote. Also allows Obokata hiding if necessary. Installing them and then over installing is sometimes the correct choice if you need to make Archives inhospitable asap.
- Sundew: The ever present RP staple. Still your key econ card. Getting one up and running turn 1 swings things hugely in your favor.
- Thimblerig: Highly useful in RP; moving ice around allows you to drop less than optimal ice on your centrals in the early game if necessary. These go on the remote ideally, but early on centrals is fine too, as it allows you to start moving things around asap.
- Sandburg: Your finisher if necessary.

Enjoy and deploy responsibly :).

8 Jan 2019 onibaku06

I liked the deck before I even looked at it because you have guinea pigs in the description. :-)

8 Jan 2019 Jakuza

Big guinea pig fan here. We have 3 over here :).

12 Jan 2019 TKO

Just remember that breached dome in archives doesn’t stop the runner from turning off your ability as they can just jack out

12 Jan 2019 Agasha

@TKO Jacking out works for turning of RP, but domes still help you prevent successful runs for Turtle / Crowdfunding

12 Jan 2019 Agasha

@JakuzaI am not familiar with horizontal play or RP, what are your preferred Tech Startup targets, Sun Dews and other econ?

13 Jan 2019 Jakuza

@Agasha Very globally: Sundew if you don't have one running, then Jeeves or Turtlebacks depending on situation. Team Sponsorship if you're about to score. Sandburg if you want to force them into a fork. Feel free to ask on Slack for more in-depth thoughts :).