I was very unimpressed by this card upon first reading it, until I realized it combos with Maker's Eye and Deep Data Mining. This means that not only will you see the top 3 or (hopefully) 5 cards of R&D and snatch some agendas (hopefully), you will make 3 or (hopefully) 5 credits in the process. This means Mike easily pays for herself after one multi-access run on R&D. Doesn't work with Equivocation though, as you reveal the corp card and either make the corp draw it or let it stay on top.

It is kinda sad that Mike is unique, but she would probably be a bit OP if she wasn't. Still, if your deck is centered around hammering R&D hard and often, this card is a solid include which will make you a fair amount of money for almost no entree fee. Run multiples, as you want to see her early. Hopefully.


This card has some similarities to Indexing, in that you get to see the top cards of R&D (4 instead of 5) and decide whether it is in your best interested to go in to snatch an agenda. Contrary to Indexing, you don't actually have to make a potentially expensive R&D run to get to see the cards, it will cost you zero credits and 2 clicks instead.

The glaring issue is that you are not stacking the cards, the corp is. If there happens to be an agenda in the 4 revealed cards, the corp can choose to bury it. If there is no agenda, the corp has a chance to stack R&D in their favor, an underrated yet powerful effect. At least with Indexing, even if you whiffed, you could still give the corp useless cards and put their Rashida Jaheem or Hard-Hitting News at the bottom. And they would have no idea which cards are coming up, which if they do know gives them an advantage in formulating a game plan. This card does help the corp significantly. Also, seeing 4 cards instead of 5 does not sound like a huge difference, but imo that is deceivingly so.

Obviously this card is meant to be used with Top Hat, and if you happen to run these two together, your R&D access will be like super precise sniper fire. And IF the corp has a ton of expensive ice on R&D, the disadvantages of this combo potentially are outweighed by the money you save. Does that make it better than just running Indexing though? I am not convinced, but I have been wrong before, so time will tell.

As always, be watchful of Mirāju. It will F up all your R&D sniping dreams. Best stick with The Maker's Eye or Deep Data Mining if your meta is fond of said ice.


An extremely powerful card at even the worst of times. For the cost of 3 credits and a click you get to not only check archives and keep the corp honest, you also get to see a card from HQ and R&D for your trouble. As icing up archives is usually not a priority for the corp, you will likely get in with little to no issues, and have the value of a run on all three centrals for just 1 click.

The real kicker though, the one everyone is talking about, is that this card works in combination with The Turning Wheel. Build up counters over the course of the game, and when you are ready to win, play D&C for a huge access on both HQ and R&D, giving your counters double the value for a fraction of the cost, provided archives is easy to get into. Also synergizes with Black Hat, so Sunny can fire that and then use this card to immediately see the top 3 cards of R&D and 3 cards in HQ. A costly turn, but potentially game winning on itself.

The mere existence of this card means corps will have to return to properly icing all three central servers, such as during the heyday of Temüjin Contract, lest they want to lose to this card.

We need a ruling on that 'double the value' for your TTW counters... 2 TTW give you an additional access on RnD OR HQ. Not RnD AND HQ. —
I have seen it ruled differently, but I agree we need a ufaq on this, pronto —
The way it is worded, I'd say it works with both, as it says 'for the reminder of this run'. This is ridiculous. —
This card is going to Divide the playerbase and Conquer the meta, that's for sure. —
You had to say it, hadn't you? —
There's an existing unofficial ruling on this from Jacob Morris here http://7tr.in/ANR/divide-and-conquer.png —
During play at jinteki.net, we encountered a problem where I use blackhat and divide and conquer end up i access 3 card from hq while 5 card from R&D —
Weird. Are you sure there weren't any other factors at play? eXer? Nyashia? Akiko? —
Nope it is just black hat with divide and conquer . —
Hence we just assume that is the bug from jinteki.net but we would like to know is the ruling or bug —

A fun card with a potentially powerful effect. I've been playing a few games on jnet and trying to get this to work in conjunction with Wari. With Wari installed I can do the following:

-Use Silhouette, 419 or other expose to learn the subtype of a piece of ICE not guarding HQ.

-Spend 1 to play Embezzle and make a run on HQ, paying my way through any defenses.

-Use Wari to add the above referenced ICE to HQ.

-Name ICE and hope to reveal two ICE. Trash them and gain 8s.

In practice, it is difficult to pull of and probably not worth it. The few times I made the successful Embezzle run, I revealed just one ICE, netting me just 3s, an uninstalled ICE, and a trashed ICE. However, the play just felt good, and I'm going to try it a few more times in hopes to reveal 2 ICE.

Realistically though:

Using Embezzle with Wari gives you a bit more information and a bit higher chance of success. But in general you don't have a lot of knowlege of what is in HQ. So just throwing Embezzle out there is probably not worth it unless HQ is unguarded. And with the now balanced Account Siphon released, you probably won't find HQ unguarded anymore (especially versus Criminals where the restrictive influence cost will keep this card).

So I'm throwing Embezzle in the jank pile; where I happen to live.

"So i'm throwing Embezzle in the jank pile; where I happen to live." —

Do I really need to explain why this card is good? It is useless against glacier and takes an absolute dump on asset spam. The whenever part of this card is totally bonkers and makes a ton of horizontal focussed ID's very sad.

What I do want to address is how hilarious this card is vs Industrial Genomics. It is like the person who came up with Hijacked Router was like "you know,this card is great. But also, if the runner draws a second copy let them go check archives and make the corp lose three more. And then they go check remotes and trash their assets on the cheap." Talk about adding insult to injury.

And I love them for it cause IG can go die in an extra hot fire.

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