For a very low cost, this card turns any ice you want in a poor man's Data Raven. Install it somewhere you expect the runner to run often, and it becomes a nuisance as the runner has to pay every time to win the trace (as it isn't a breakable sub), or just accept the tag.

Really good in any tag-punishment deck, especially SYNC and Making News. Argus also likes this card, although they already spend a ton of influence on NBN cards so I don't know whether they can free up any more. High link runners and Jesminder laugh at this though. Not sure on the wording, but I assume Hunting Grounds also counters this. Either way, kind of extra but a solid card regardless.

Install in Thimblerig for maximum TraceFun(TM). —

Oh my stars, what is this? BABW support, in 2018?? Magnificent.

On the surface, this ice is just another barrier that becomes near unplayable by the existence of Paperclip. 7 to rez, 3 to break, is just pathetic. However, this card's strength is in its late game potential. There are a ton of transactions, and many of them are widely played and powerful. Hedge Fund, IPO, Green Level Clearance, Ultraviolet Clearance.... They all contribute to making Blockchain a potential monster. If you have 6 transactions in archives, this card will have 5 subroutines. At 10, you go up 7, and this card becomes more expensive to break than Endless EULA. If only there was an ID that wanted to play a ton of those operations...

Funnily enough this ice has some anti-synergy with Bryan Stinson, as removing a transaction from archives will make it weaker. But as you will have an absurd amount of money at that point, that is probably not something you should be bothered by. Also loses some bite when you shuffle back money cards with Preemptive Action and similar cards. All in all, a situational ice that starts out weak, but is potentially really solid.

Sunny's breaker gets through it for 4 credits at any time though, so watch out for mommy. Also Laamb.

Chief Slee approved —
Is this most likely a win-more card? —
Probably, yeah. A pretty decent one, but win-more seems right. —

Are you angry that your favorite movie did not receive the critical acclaim it obviously deserved? Throw that Critic under a bus and see who gets the last laugh! Also works wonders against nosy reporters, well connected entertainers, shady figures and... some guy with a briefcase. Endless possibilities. Even more hilarious in The Outfit. Homicide is obviously profitable if you are the mafia.


Out of all the amazing cards in Reign and Reverie, this is the card that got people most excited. And I am not gonna lie, I am right up there with them. DJ Fenris is probably not the most powerful card in the set, but it is the most interesting one we have gotten in a long time. And it again makes me sad that the game is ending, so that we will never get new identities to explore his mechanic with.

For the cost of three credits, you get to import the ability of a g-mod ID that does not match your faction. This is somewhat similar to yet very different from Rebirth, which lets you go into a different ID from the same faction, as you forego your original ability. The g-mod restriction limits the number of ID's by quite a bit and that last part is important, as it takes away some of the obvious combos that exist within the same faction. Still, what makes this card so exciting is the huge amount of possibilities that still remain, and how it is incredibly fun to basically play with a duo of runners instead of just an einzelganger.

First off, let's look at all the possible ID choices you have and try to rank them based on their potential. Do keep in mind that how good an ability is, is very dependent on how you build your deck. Also keep in mind that Fenris is limited to 1 copy, which means it could be a while till you draw him. And which ID you go into is largely dictated by which phase of the game you are in. Having said that, some thoughts:


Noise: included because he is technically an option in casual play, but he is not legal anymore. Even if he were, only anarchs install a ton of viruses. While not possible, just thinking about him with Freedom Khumalo is giving me nightmares.

Chaos Theory: there are plenty of cards that give you 1 MU and then some for 3 credits.

Smoke: same as CT, you can get what you want out of her ID cheaper in a different card. The value in CT and Smoke as ID's is in their low deck size and their synergy with shaper cards, things you won't have as a criminal or anarch playing DJ Fenris.

MaxX: your deck needs to be build around her mill mechanic to profit, and I don't think any non-anarch ID wants to trash their deck for 1 free card per turn.

Kabonesa Wu: as with Maxx, your deck needs to be build around her ability to make this any good. She'd be solid in shaper, but alas.

Geist: bad to mediocre in most decks, fantastic in (pirate) Hayley. More on that later.

Pretty good

Reina Roja: good in the early and mid game to tax the corp. Bad late game.

Los: again, good in the early and mid game as you get free money. Bad late game as the corp will have most their ice rezzed. If you are anarch/shaper you likely also don't have many cards to derez ice, so you won't get the full value out of this ability.

Quetzal: usually meh, but potentially gaming-winning against Skorpios.

Liza: situational, but the nuts in decks that can reliably get rid of tags through Citadel Sanctuary or runners who want to go tag-me.


Steve: clickless recursion of power cards benefits pretty much every runner. Also gives you some inherent damage protection. Arguably the best choice for non-criminals.

Hayley: saving clicks is always amazing. Good in most decks, but bonkers in Geist and any other deck that installs a ton of stuff.

Two synergies warrant special mention. First off, the obvious one between Geist and Hayley. Pirate Hayley builds, with cards like Grappling Hook, Kongamato and Gbahali, receive a ton of tempo through Geist's ability, getting you free cards every time you use a trash ability. And he in turn goes into overdrive due to Hayley's ability to install two cards for the price of one, especially since he runs tons of cheap resources and breakers. Expect to see DJ Fenris as a staple in these decks.

The other one is the mini faction runners, who can go into g-mods of any of the three main factions, giving them a ton of possibilites. Unfortunately Apex can't install non-virtual resources, so it is out. I can't say how good DJ is in Adam, as I am not that familiar with his play style. Sunny however, loves this card. Early game you can save a ton of tempo with Hayley, her link and need for draw makes Liza a prime target backed up with Citadel Sanctuary, and late game she can recur her power cards with Steve. Mommy's got a new friend!

So yeah, if you couldn't tell already, I am in love with this card and want to put it into everything. And as it only takes up one deck slot and influence, I probably will. Just another great note for a bittersweet ending.

Apex can install DJ Fenris facedown with his ability and then use Assimilator to flip him face-up. —
That's cool! I never play Apex so I need others to tell me these things —
Flipping it face up doesn't count as installing it, so you don't get to use the ability. —
I think there is exactly one case where Apex can actually install this card (face up) and that's if the corp plays Cerebral Static —
This is more a rules question because Smoke is a bad choice anyway, but the recurring credit DJ Fenris would gain from hosting her wouldn't be a stealth one, right? He only gains the text box, not any subtypes. —
That is correct, it would just be a single recurring credit for ice breakers. —

I was very unimpressed by this card upon first reading it, until I realized it combos with Maker's Eye and Deep Data Mining. This means that not only will you see the top 3 or (hopefully) 5 cards of R&D and snatch some agendas (hopefully), you will make 3 or (hopefully) 5 credits in the process. This means Mike easily pays for herself after one multi-access run on R&D. Doesn't work with Equivocation though, as you reveal the corp card and either make the corp draw it or let it stay on top.

It is kinda sad that Mike is unique, but she would probably be a bit OP if she wasn't. Still, if your deck is centered around hammering R&D hard and often, this card is a solid include which will make you a fair amount of money for almost no entree fee. Run multiples, as you want to see her early. Hopefully.