Flavour time!

It totally blew my mind when I recently heard that Atman and Brahman are concepts in hinduistic philosophy that are related to each other and are in my view represented by both card's machanics. Brahman is the transcendet self, the universal energy; Atman is the individual self that wants to merge into Brahman to be finally liberated to step off the cycle of rebirth. Using Atman and Brahman both as breakers make total thematic sense: Atman sets its strength upon install (birth), but can be resetted when Brahman'ed (death, soul goes back into "pool"). Atman can then enter play again with a different strength (rebirth).

So you're building your janky Brahman D4v1d Wu deck, and things are going great.

Then you hit a Chiyashi, and your options are: a) Take four net and ETR b) Shred the top six cards of your stack

Not great. Hopefully, you have an SMC on the table, and $14 to pull Femme and pay the bypass. If you aren't ludicrously wealthy and well-prepared, though, there's Street Magic. At one influence, it will totally save you from the facecheck.

...You still can't get through, and it's not tutorable, but hey. Being practical is for other runners!


​This card is bonkers! And makes any strategy that keeps servers open hard to play. And for a while now I haven't played against a deck without it.

Let's start with some actions...

  1. Run 3x times, play Apocalypse wipe the board end of your turn install all your Crowdfundings from the bin and gain tempo compared to your opponent.
  2. You can Run 3x, discard Crowdfunding at the end of your turn and install it from your heap (Nisei Rules 1.1,
  3. Play Hayley, Run 3x install Crowdfunding from the bin, trigger your ability and get a clickless install! This means you can't installed anything within your turn.
  4. You can counter Scarcity of Resources when installing it from your heap, as it still costs 0!
  5. You can sell Crowdfundings to Aesop's Pawnshop and reinstall them after Running 3x

It synergieses with everything that wants to run.
It works very well with Liza Talking Thunder: Prominent Legislator as you don't care when they trash your Crowdfundings. And of coure Gabriel Santiago: Consummate Professional. It plays well together with cards like: Paragon, Bankroll, Aumakua, Hot Pursuit, Diversion of Funds, Security Testing, Sneakdoor Beta. When you are a Shaper you can add: Takobi, Kyuban, Beth Kilrain-Chang as with 5 clicks 3 runs is much easier and Cyberdelia although it only pays you once per turn but make 3 runs much easier. As Anarch it works well with Bad Pub (Val), Yusuf, Datasucker and anything else that will load while running that is why you see a lot of them currently and anything that kill ICE like Hippo, Knifed, Spooned, Forked. And of course The Turning Wheel as well as Prey. Works well as a resource in tag me decks, as your opponent usually doesn't trash it.

It allows you to have an endless economy as long as you are able to run 3x within one turn, every like 3 turns. It's biggest enemy is Slot Machine or other cheap rez hard to break ICE like News Hound or Cortex Lock. And as a result Mti when you are not running Employee Strike. Not to forget Targeted Marketing and as a result Sol do you really want to give the corp 10 credits to get 3 & a card?

On the other hand, against a net damage deck like PU which plays 1000 cuts, you don't want to draw that much. In this cases you might don't like it drawing you cards and having your hand clogged with cards.

And of course, we get that sweet Alt Art in our Store Champ 2019 Kits!


Sort of like a runner Genotyping or Preemptive Action. If your deck is empty, this is pretty amazing, you can get back 3 extremely high-value cards. However, it's 2 influence outside of anarch, which could have been spent on a high-value card in the first place.

Drawn early, it's awkward, since the selection options are limited and the reward is delayed significantly. Drawn late, it's great! So its value is highly variable, and works well with other cards that give it alternate value, like Patchwork. Pitch it early, use it late.

Levy AR Lab Access is better if you expect to reliably burn through your deck, but is restricted in most formats. This could be used to supplement that, helping evade the unfortunate situation in which all your Levy's and Same Old Things are in the heap. Alternatively, it's great when you have a specific few cards you want to recur, like multiaccess, utility, or disruption (e.g. The Maker's Eye, DDoS, or Apocalypse.) Burst economy like Sure Gamble isn't worth nearly as much, because you're already spending a card to put them back, similar to using Same Old Thing.

In my opinion, it's very well designed.


​​This card reminds me a bit of SanSan City Grid, expensive to rez, expensive to trash and it enables fast advance and MCA Austerity Policy as it enables scoring 5/3 agendas within one turn and needs some loading time.

How does it work?
You can only "score" agendas that have the exact same agenda points as power counters on Lady Liberty. That means after rezzing at the end of the runners turn you can score a 3/1 the next turn, afterwards a 3/2 or 4/2 and then a 5/3, meaning you can use it to score 6 points over 3 turns. The advantage is, besides rezzing (5 creds) you don't pay anything but clicks and this way you would save the 12 credits needed to score 6 points (net 7 credits) and it has a high trash cost. From my point of view, when you can use it to score a 5/3 it was worth it's investment.
On the other side, you are not scoring the agenda, which means agendas with "When scored" abilities like Nisei MK II, Elective Upgrade or Project Atlas are not that valuable with this card, the agendas give you points but don't support the agenda ability. It works best with agendas without "When Scored" abilities, like: Global Food Initiative, Obokata Protocol, The Future Perfect or passive abilities like AR-Enhanced Security, Gila Hands Arcology and The Cleaners. Thus making NBN (Near-Earth Hub: Broadcast Center & NBN: Controlling the Message) a very strong contender for using the Lady. Additionally you should consider to run a mixed agenda composition to enable to use Lady Liberty as often as possible. On the other hand it gets useless when you have 4 power counter, but no agenda with 4 or more points within your deck.
What you need to consider as well, "Clot lock Shaper" is not an issue, as Clot is preventing you from scoring and you are not scoring agendas anymore (and there is no install), the same applies for The Source and Traffic Jam as it's increasing advancement requirements. To sum it up, strategies that prevent fast advance don't work against Lady Liberty! On the other hand, an Employee Strike (or any other current) will stay active. So in this regards it's like a Film Critic for corps, you will not be able to deactivate currents this way.
It makes the most sense in a deck that can rez it quite cheap e.g. Mumba Temple or put it in a heavy ICEed remote. So the Runner gets broke when trashing it and as a result opening a scoring windows. So in this regards it's comparable to MCA Austerity Policy. And in an asset heavy deck you might be able to recur it with Team Sponsorship, but that would mean the runner has thrashed it or you overwrite it and score an agenda the hard way to be able to recur it. For recursion you could also use Preemptive Action but how to find it again? Or you use Restore which is fine with a 1x card!
The question is how to use it? Do you have the agendas in hand? That means the runner can snipe them out of your hand or do you hope to draw them? Both has it's risk. Are you able to defend your remote, your HQ and R&D at the same time? When you want to draw the agendas some filter like Daily Business Show or additional draw like Rashida Jaheem, (and of course the banned Sensie Actors Union or Estelle Moon) come in handy. On top of that, having Jeeves Model Bioroids enables you to use the Lady and have another click for doing things, which puts pressure on the runner.
The downside is, it's 1x per Deck restriction, so you need to have cards to find it, like Tech Startup but this means telling your opponent what you plan and they can prepare for it and the Startups are cheap to trash. And you can only rez & load your Lady in the next turn. Or you use it as a must trash Asset which is 1x per Deck and if you find it fine, but it's an additional way to win. It's influence free. That is a plus.
Full Jank with Helium-3 Deposit is possible, so you can score Government Takeover or Vanity Project. e.g. You need to score Helium-3 Deposit the hard way, have the Lady in a server, so when you score it, you can place 2 power counter on it. When you rez it end of the runners turn, next turn you have 3 power counters on it and can score a 5/3 next turn. Or it's ticking already and you immediately are in Vanity or Government Takeover range, will you have it in you deck? Can you fetch it with Fast Track + Biotic Labor to win the game? Or you have your 4x Advanced Helium-3 Deposit and rez the Lady end of Runners turn, so you can score it, place the power counter on the Lady and then you use your 3 counters to place a 5/3 from hand in your score area.
The ID where it might shine the most is Blue Sun: Powering the Future assuming it's not Employee Striked. It can be used to score Agendas and then pull it back into hand to start from scratch with little payment (1 click) and of course the slot in the remote server.