4-2 agendas have historically needed to be "the shit" to be considered playable. Unfortunately, I don't think this card is quite there in terms of power.

That is not to say this card is bad. First and foremost, it is incredibly versatile. Placing ice in any position on any server is not an effect I think we have seen before. It allows for some really cool tricks with positional ice and installs from both archives or your hand. At worst it saves you some credits from installing at the outermost position of a big server, which is still valueable.

It being a one time thing is what keeps it down imo. I think if it received 2 counters on a score, it would definitely be playable in glacier. You probably don't play something like Bifrost Array just to get 1 more counter on this. Maybe if you combine it with other 'when scored' agendas? But now we might be going into jank territory.

So I think this agenda will join my list of 2-pointers I like but never play, like Remote Data Farm,Private Security Force and Meteor Mining.

It's important to note that this is a paid ability that can be used at any time, even during a run. So if the runner approaches the outermost ICE of a server you can install a piece of ICE form archives directly behind it to strengthen the server on demand and mess with the runners expected run cost. —
In Titan with Border Control, it's a Nisei MK2 with 2 counters, with Project Atlas in faction. —
I think, but I'm not 100% sure, that you cannot use this ability on a server with 0 ice to force the runner to encounter a new piece of ice when running it. Might be important to note. Basically because when the runner initiates a run, if there is no ice protecting the server they go straight to step for of the run which is after all ice. —

Liza's ability to draw 2 on the first run on ANY central server is an extremely powerful one. Not only does it give you 2-click value for the price of 1, you get essentially 3 clicks of value if you wanted to access that central anyway. Her ability is balanced by a larger deck size and, more importantly, the fact that you receive a tag from the run.

There are basically two ways to play around this. 1 is to remove or avoid the tags. While definitely not unplayable, this archetype suffers from some problems. Removings tags the old-fashioned way is expensive and negates the purpose of click compression. You can of course play cards like Dorm Computer and Crash Space, but this requires a not insignificant number of slots and forces you to draw into these cards, reducing your speed.

The second and more popular variant is tag-me Liza. This is an interesting archetype as until now anarchs were the only faction that often went tag-me on purporse. As it completely ignores the tags, it means you can go like a hst and never slow down, pressuring the corp while drawing like mad each turn. This deck has lost the bonkers Mars for Martians due to the MWL, but it still does well at a lot of tournaments due to the recent rise in run based econ. Paragon, Bankroll and Diversion of Funds are all strong cards for this deck. The deck can run resources backed up with Wireless Net Pavilion but usually doesn't bother. Due to relying on events and expendable breakers, Apocalypse is also popular and something the corp has to respect.

What is interesting about this Liza is that she is great against a ton of different decks but gets countered very hard by kill decks on High-Profile Target. Certainly fun thematically, with her being a politician, but not ideal if you hate the idea of having a potentially terrible match up at a tournament.

If your meta is low in Weyland, SYNC and Acme, then this is a solid pick as a powerful id and fun criminal to play. Or you can just rely on your metaphorical balls of steel, go fast or go home.

PS: she is also an amazing DJ Fenris target for Jesminder.

Tip to new Liza players: Always trigger Paragon first. —
Good tip! —

Who here likes Daily Casts? I do. It's a solid economy card. This is better. Let's compare:

Turn 1 (installation): Daily Casts -3, Crowdfunding: +0.

Turn 2 (1st drip): Daily Casts: -1, Crowdfunding: +1.

Turn 3 (2nd drip): Daily Casts +1, Crowdfunding: +2.

Turn 4 (3rd drip): Daily Casts +3, Crowdfunding +3, +1 card.

Turn 5 (4th drip): Daily Casts +5.

Pretty similar end result (difference being 1 card versus 2 credits the following turn), but Crowdfunding is positive the entire time. And it comes back.

Super solid for criminals who want to go fast, since it is free to install and replaces itself. Too bad it has 3 influence so probably not playable out of faction —
Too bad you say? I say too good! It's about time Criminals get their good cards costed correctly with regards to influence. —
One side note: the fact that Crowd Funding comes back after 3 successful runs in a single turn combos very well with a post-purge turn spent charging up an Aumakua via multiple runs on Archives or an undefended remote. —
Definitely agreed with BlackCherries. With a lower influence cost, this would just create another Aumakua: powering up the already-stronger factions more than boosting Criminal. Absolutely in love with this card. —

Rule #1 of gambling: The House always wins.

Slot Machine is the custom card designed by 2017 champion Wilfry Horig, and boy is it interesting!

With a rez/str ratio of 3/5, its already worth a look, and with 3 subs and priced at a single influence, its almost TGTBT. When looked at a little closer, however, it gets a little worse.

Encounter effect: Bottoming a card is useful but will rarely be game threatening. If its a critical icebreaker then the runner may have to dig for a tutor but most of the time they won't care about losing something random. However, this does get significantlu better with any sort of draw seal or a Kala Ghoda Real TV on the board. Furthermore, the information for knowing the next 3 cards is useful but not critical as well.

-> The runner loses 3

This sub is always useful, as making the runner lose money is important for any economic war, especially out of Spark Agency: Worldswide Reach. This sub also immediately evens out the cost.

If two of the cards..

This is where the ICE gets weird. Ensuring 2 of 3 random cards from the runner's deck isnt impossible: Many runners pack more Resources and Events than other types.

If 3 of the cards... This one will amost never happen, and if it does, what are you going to use those counters on? Importing into Weyland could work, or using a False Flag, but realistically you can't count on this sub.

One final note

Chief Slee.

1 influence, 3 rez, 3 subs. 5 strength. Nobody actually wants to break this ICE. Yup.

The encounter effect can mess with decks using Brahman. —

Hired Help (HH), isn't just the new OTG it can mess up click math, can make HQ unrunable, and even bait them into an excalibur on HQ for max rudeness, or make them put obokata in the bin when needing to check the ngo rouse isn't the winning agenda!!

Also note the agenda is TRASHED not forfeited, a clever runner will trash some 2 pointer then mad dash it back.

Also note, you have to trash an agenda each run on the server if HQ wasn't hit this turn, not just the first one.

The limit 1/deck and 1 inf hurts it a lot though, it's hard to justify the opportunity cost of the inf for a card you won't even see half of your games.