I played this once against Blue sun, breaking several missingos with grappling hook + Kongomata, expecting to burn a illegal arms factory and slammed head first into a standoff, which I instead stole.

10/10 would burn the world again.

"Some men just want to watch the world burn".

Watch The World Burn is the runner variant of the two community created cards for the Magnum Opus event. For the cost of 3 credits and a run on a remote, you get to remove an upgrade or asset from the game, as well as any other copies of that card you access later on. This is a card where even at first glance, one can see why it is powerful. Not only do you get to get rid of an asset/upgrade for good and nullify the corp's recursion, you don't have to pay its trash cost. And on top of that, it also dodges nasty trash effects, which means that Controlling the Message's trace or AR-Enhanced Security will never fire. Industrial Genomics and Gagarin also hate this event.

Ultimately the power of WTWB lies in its versatility. It is great against pretty much every corp, unless they play no assets or upgrades, which is highly unlikely. Removing an Ash or Rashida Jaheem in the glacier match up is highly relevant. Get rid of Prisec against Argus. Arella Salvatore against Sportsmetal. The possibilities are endless.

One of few downsides is its limited-to-1 status, meaning your are likely to not have it in hand when you need it. Just like Rebirth though, this card can be incredibly swingy once drawn. Also, it costs 1 influence for every runner and it ends the action phase.

The main issue is in its lingering effect. There is no precedent for this kind of thing in Netrunner, except for arguably Azmari. The players will have to remember which card was "hit" by this, so that future copies of it get removed. Will this lead to game losses? I hope not

Still,I expect this card to become a staple in most runner decks, especially if CTM remains the deck to beat for the time to come.

The lingering effect is no different than Targeted Marketing. Shouldn't be that difficult to remember one card - especially when you can just use the copy of the card that you RFG' —
![The World Burns](https://pbs.twimg.com/media/Dm2QkaFWsAALEKs.jpg"title") I made a reminder card for the effect, feel free to print it out. —
Question : is WtWB works like By Any Means ? I mean you rfg before corp effect, rfg before a Project Junebug take effect, or better than that, against Mumbad Virtual Tour. —
That is correct as just like By Any Means, there is no option (like there is for Imp) to remove from game, therefore it takes priority over Ambushes / MVT / etc. Of course the exception still is corp-turn runs. —

This card is insane out of Mti (and with thimblerig), an end the run ice that can double as a nesei counter is strong anyway but with the positional power of Mti (and thimblerig) you can just make servers that look quite weak require 3-4 or even 5 clicks to get through.

The fact it ends the run also means it needs to be broken to even threaten it's trash ability usually. - There are a few niché cases where you trash it as soon as you rez it, to stop stimhack money being spent for example.

Outside of Mti or thimble, the card is still strong, but you need to think more carefully where to put it.

Easily the best of the Mopus cards.

MTI was already considerably OP and this will just make it worse. The ID probably needs to go the route of Skorp and PU. —
I don't think MTI is "op" as such just very punishing. —
But I agree it should be restricted over restricting Border control (which is what others have suggested), all restricting border does it let MTI wait for the next good ice to arrive to abuse. —

On first glance, it’s really easy to have your eyes glaze over this card and assume nothing more than that it’s a permanent citizen of Janktown. However, Jackpot! has the same value that a card like Dirty Laundry or Successful Demonstration has: it rewards you for doing what you wanted to do anyways as a runner – steal agendas. Given that it can trigger on cards like Notoriety/Fan Site as well, it can be flexible in many Shaper decks.

Through a lot of playtesting, I’ve found Jackpot! does really well keeping up runner tempo. It says – “Go ahead, make that big, expensive DDM run” or “Go ahead, plough through that taxing remote” and most important of all, it says “Don’t be scared of a Punitive Counterstrike threat, here’s some hard-earned dough for your troubles”.

As every card should, Jackpot! definitely has its downsides. I’ve had several games where I would lose 7-0 with a total of almost THIRTY s sitting on multiple Jackpots. Through cyberspace, I can basically hear them laughing at my pathetic and futile attempts to steal an agenda as I stare down credits that I desperately need. In that regard, Jackpot! isn’t like Stimhack where it can provide you the game-winning run – in fact Jackpot! is a dead card if you’re already at game point. Which means it has to be used as an x3 so that you can see it early and get it ticking which is troublesome because that takes up precious slots that could be going to other x1 tech slots – The Shadow Net, Dean Lister, Same Old Thing, etc.

In summary, this card is not worth the full x3 slots unless you live in a Punitive Counterstrike meta (I’m looking at you, limited cardpools) and even then this card should only be played over meat damage prevention when you’re tight on influence. This card might not look like it with its innocent 0 install cost but is quite high risk/reward so it won’t find itself in competitive decks soon. Still, it’s made several of my opponents sweat bullets through virtual space as they see my Jackpot! hit 20+ s. At any point, any single access on centrals feels like a game of Russian Roulette for the corp as they pray that the next card won’t be their last. And when you do hit that sweet, sweet agenda, don’t forget to yell the obligatory “Jackpot!” for the saltiest of tears.

It seems odd to me that there's no review for High-Profile Target yet, as it seems really strong to me in tag-heavy decks, such as when using any NBN deck, really. In my opinion, SYNC: Everything, Everywhere is the best choice here, though an argument can be made for NBN: Making News. All it takes is 3 tags to win the game with one use of HPT on regular hand size. Hard-Hitting News makes for an especially deadly combo, as it forces the Runner to pay 4 credits, or 6 when using SYNC to avoid the risk of certain death the next turn.

Your options for ICE are Thoth, Data Raven and Gutenberg for tagging. IP Block for dealing with pesky AIs and also to stop tagged Runners. Pachinko is an obvious choice, but Endless EULA is great, especially for economic reasons. Consider using Sub Boost to give your taggers the ability to end turns on top.

Escalate Vitriol, Quantum Predictive Model and Net Quarantine are good agenda options, with Fly on the Wall being a must-have, considering it's one of the few cards to allow you to tag without tracing during your turn.

There's probably no review for HPT yet because almost everyone knows the strength of its predecessor, Scorched Earth. It's important to note the differences though: a tag-me deck will never live vs. even a single HPT but splashing HPT is very painful at the full 5 influence. —
In addition, it's important to note that HPT only costs 2 to Scorched's 3 - this means you always have the credit-credit-HPT option available even after your funds have been diverted to 0. —
If you are playing NBN you almost will always prefer BOOM! since realistically 2 tags are needed for kill and with the influence cost as it is. —
There's definitely a case to be made for BOOM!, however setting the cost aside, it also requires an action to be played. Much like BlackCherries pointed out, HPT allows you more flexibility because of it's low cost. —
G —
And lets not forget, BOOM can be trashed. —
I agree very much that HPT is a very good card, that is a very useful tool for kill decks, but ultimately if you are running an NBN kill deck spending 10-15 influence on HPT is simply not feasible since the review centered around NBN kill strategies. —