Great card! Especially useful against Miraju and Kakugo out of Jinteki. Allows you to smash a Corp's piece of ICE for one click and two credits, plus whatever it costs to break. 5 Influence means that you'll never see this card outside of Anarch, and that's probably good. As of writing, this sees a lot of use, especially with Khumalo, Laamb, and Yusuf.

It's important to note the downsides of this card as well - only works on the outermost ice and can't be recurred (a la Parasite). —

Before you get all hyped about this card, you need to realize that it does ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WHATSOEVER until the runner would have 7 points if it wasn't there. That's right, this is a 2-point liability that offers zero economy, zero pressure, zero benefit to the corp whatsoever (but a large benefit to the runner if they're that one guy who still plays Iain Sterling). As an active liability with zero benefit, it's a serious contender for worst card in the entire game. If you see this as a runner, calmly ignore it entirely unless the corp leaves it exposed with no upgrade, or if you snipe it from a central and can afford the trash cost. You don't care about it at all until you're on seven points, and if you go for it early the corp will have an easier time scoring.

When the runner hits 5 points before the Board modifier, now trashing it wins them the game. The corp needs to scramble to protect this at all costs, or blow it up with Self-destruct... again, before it's actually benefited them in any way whatsoever. All of this is no doubt making it incredibly hard to score, so the corp needs to work out some kind of miracle flatline victory in the meantime. The Board does have a hefty trash cost of 7, and that's its one saving grace, but that won't actually come into play if you're forced to blow it up to save it. Forcing a runner to go through a server after this has its benefits, but those benefits are much more cheaply realized by an MCA Austerity Policy or IT Department, and those actually leave the server you paid so much into intact afterwards.

At 7 would-be points, this card becomes the whole game. The corp can no longer trash it themselves, and the runner will be going after it with everything they've got. The corp's best plan at this point is to just put all resources on guarding the Board while throwing 1-pointers behind a token amount of ice just to keep the runner from accumulating resources. I can't really see this plan resulting in success outside of the surprise Biotic Philotic play.

The Board also offers a situational advantage against cards that can be placed in the Runner's score area AS AN AGENDA worth 0 or less points. —
e.g. it annihilates Mad Dash, Notoriety, Kasi String and Freedom through Equality. It weakens Liberated Cheela. It makes Fan Site worth -1 point. It makes Shy-Kyu, News Team, Meridian and Hangeki worth -2 points. —

Seems of dubious use. Best case scenario, you rez at the end of the Runner's turn and they have a full grip. Then, you gain 3 credits -- breaking even.

I guess you could pair it with Palana Agroplex.

Definitely works well with Palana too. The best use of this card is forcing the runner to keep drawing... and then eventually run out of stack. Great for PU builds, is non-unique, and gives money to boot. —

Is it sure, that the Corp is forced to trash the cards in HQ? I have a copy of that card in german, and from the text on that card it is quite clear, that the person who is playing the card (the Runner) is asked to trash that cards. Even on the english card you can read it like this: "then trash that many cards from HQ at random." IsnĀ“t it the Runner, who is asked to trash those? Another argument is, that a player in netrunner never has to trash his or her own cards at random on its own. Its the other Part who has to select the cards at random. Maybe i missed something, but i think it is a wrong interpretation here. This card whould do much more sence, if it would synergice with cards like Consume

It seems like a big run-on sentence. The corp has to choose...add...and if able, trash. All the corp's actions. —
Btw - Officer Frank is another card that forces the corp to trash cards from HQ at random. —
in that sentence the verb is "trash", but it should be "trashes", if the corp is the one who is asked to trash. It is a conjunction of to "to trash" which is aimed to the player, who playes the card. —
I was wrong, saying that there is no other card, where one player is forced to trash his own cards at random, because your exemple shows the that. But on #Officer Frank it is the right conjunction: "The Corp trashes(...)" —
I tend to agree with boddah. The card says "If successful, force the corp to..., then trash...". Its not "force the corp to choose and then force the corp to trash" It's bad templating and ambiguous in the terms of linguistic Skopus. —

I am sure other players have noticed an incredibly powerful combo with this card after the release of Contaminate. Click -> install Chakana. Click -> play Contaminate. Click -> ruin the Corp's day.

Maybe not the most powerful two card/two click combo... but no Corp player will feel good sacrificing an entire turn to purge the virus counters off there. Even if they do, you are always free to run R&D again and load it back up. You do want to run R&D, right?

Would love to see the pros/cons to running that combo vs running Clot. —