Decklist of the week

Worlds 2018 runner deck, 0-7


Description by the author: Grosseteste 119

I imported some tag protection to a beyoken Successful Demo deck after practicing against a particularly spicy CtM deck the week of, and hearing that basically all of team UK was bringing CtM (why I then got rid of Power Tap is a mystery).

Though I got zero tournament wins, I did score the winning agenda in an NAPD demo match with a Deep Data Mining run.

My Fenris targets were Hayley Kaplan: Universal Scholar, Steve Cambridge: Master Grifter, and Quetzal: Free Spirit.

Despite my poor showing, I was pretty sad to see a big chunk of the deck getting rotated with SC19. We'll see if I can make a more runny trace-y money Sunny for the Store Champ and before.