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Jinja Abuse (1st & Undefeated @ NISEI Online Standard)


Description by the author: Matuszczak 1637

With MWL 3.2 coming out banning MTI and unrestricting VLC came the idea to give Sportsmetal a radical rushy spin. Jinja City Grid has been my pet card for over a year now. I've had some success with different rushy Jinja builds, but this one feels the strongest. Even though it's strong as is, there is plenty of room for improvement: Hagen, BLC & possibly Domestic Sleepers belong in this list.

Went 8-0 in the tournament beating a Val, 3 Leelas & 4 Kabonesas.

Special thanks to @Odol for long conversations while theorycrafting the deck, cutting down to 7 agendas was his brilliant idea. Now the 2 of us are testing a 7x3 + 3x0 version, I hope you'll see it posted after another tournament success one day :)