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Rude Deck Wins Again (5-1 1st of 18 at OtG SC)


Description by the author: Ajar 1055

My latest minor tweak to @boreira's original Rude Deck. I've been winning with this for a month or so now, and I'm quite happy with the list as it is.

SDS vs SSL is more or less a meta call. I've tested with both and like both, but lean slightly toward SDS because there aren't many Pawnshop Hayley players in my meta.

Wins over Reg Leela, Smoke, Inversificator Kit, Apoc MaxX, and Reg Val (stream links!). The last two were in the cut and were both < 5 minutes because I drew perfect openers. Just goes to show how fast a Rude Deck can go with the right start, although despite what these videos suggest, I win by scoring out more often than by flatline. Just play courageously.